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"Begun is a contextual advertising service distributing ads between thousands partner sites. Contextual advertising is customer behaviour-motivated publicity technique, deemed to be the most productive and profitable promotion tool on the Web as for today. For advertisers Begun offers you a range on contextual advertising products that allow you to buy real results: click-through to your site, providing custom information to a unique visitor, and finally – a phone call to your office. The price of such a result is defined by the advertising party itself. If you think that your business needs Russian customers – start advertising with us! It will take a maximum of 10 minutes to register and start your promotion campaign. Prices per visitor start from $0.01. Minimum contract total price is $5. For websites Begun is the largest advertising network in the Russian sector of the Internet. Any website with quality contents and Russian-speaking audience can join. It is the handiest and most profitable way to turn visit rates of your site into real money. For advertising agencies Any agency can start providing Begun's' services to its customers interested in promoting their business in the Russian market. To start doing so, an agency will only have to take part in our remote training and licensing program. Favourable service terms and the great demand of contextual advertising make sure Begun will suit any media plan."

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Ad Network
Seller of aggregated publisher ad inventory from many websites. Many ad networks use proprietary technology and partner with data aggregators to target ads.

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Data Collected
Anonymous: Ad Views, Browser Information, Cookie Data , Hardware/Software Type, Page Views

Pseudonymous: IP Address, Location Based Data

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Data is not shared with 3rd parties.

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Ad Targeting, Analytics/Measurement

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