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Owned By: LinkedIn

In Their Own Words

"Based on proprietary data management and targeting technology, the Bizo Marketing Platform enables precise and measurable B2B multi-channel marketing programs.

The company has earned the confidence of SMB brands and enterprise clients including AMEX, Mercedes Benz, Zuora, Monster, Salesforce.com, Porsche, Microsoft, AT&T, and UPS who use the platform to get the right message in front of the right people, wherever they travel online.

As announced, Bizo is now part of LinkedIn."

Industry affiliations

What does this company do?

Ad Network
Seller of aggregated publisher ad inventory from many websites. Many ad networks use proprietary technology and partner with data aggregators to target ads.

What data does this company collect?

Data Collected
Anonymous: Ad Views, Browser Information, Date/Time, Demographic Data, Hardware/Software Type, Page Views , Serving Domains

Pseudonymous: IP Address (EU PII), Clickstream Data

Data Sharing
Anonymous data is shared with 3rd parties.

Data Retention
As long as necessary to fulfill a business need or as required by law.

Data Use
Ad Targeting, Analytics/Measurement

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We believe this company's primary business is in the facilitation or serving of 3rd party interest-based advertising.

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