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Owned By: Google Inc.

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Interactive Media Ads (IMA) is a suite of SDKs that make it easy to integrate multimedia ads into your websites and apps. IMA SDKs can request ads from any VAST-compliant ad server and manage ad playback in your apps. IMA can also display companion ads, report metrics to ad servers, and incorporate key buying signals, such as Active View viewability, IDFA/ADID, and content targeting.

There are two ways to implement IMA SDKs: client-side, which combines ad and content video within your app, and dynamic ad insertion (DAI), which combines ad and content video on the Ad Manager servers, and then returns a single video stream to your app for playback.

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Ad Exchange
An auction-based marketplace connecting advertisers buying ad space with publishers selling ad inventory. Exchange platforms typically enable advertisers to work with data aggregators to target their ads.

Ad Network
Seller of aggregated publisher ad inventory from many websites. Many ad networks use proprietary technology and partner with data aggregators to target ads.

Ad Server
Technology that delivers advertisements to websites and monitors progress and performance of ad campaigns.

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