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SaaS solutions to digitize, describe and enable client assets. Connect your data offline with online customers through our solutions for CRM Onboarding

In an increasingly connected and hyper competitive world, brands need to focus on their customer and offer him an exceptional experience, personalized and seamless between the different points of contact (points of sale, web, mobile ...)

All interactions generate more and more data in Graphinium we wish to innovation, new technologies and the promise of Big Data for consumers by enabling brands to better serve them.

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Content Management/SaaS
Platform or technology providing Software-as-a-Service, cloud hosting, data storage and/or content management capabilities; including CDNs, website builders and content streaming resources.

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PII: Personally Identifiable Information (details undisclosed)

*Data is collected on behalf of, and owned by, client.

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We do not have enough information to infer if consumer data is used or collected by this company for interest-based advertising.

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