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"Digital advertising campaigns often rely on “intent”, behavioral, or sometimes demographic data derived from consumer registration. Neustar AdAdvisor Audiences help marketers go beyond the basics, providing targeting data that is verified and constantly corroborated from authoritative sources of consumer identity. The result? More precise targeting across channels and devices. Real World Targeting Data Think about it. Do frequent visits to high-end sports car sites make her “in-the-market” to purchase a $200,000 car? Imagine if you can use verified demographic, geographic and psychographic data to filter out those “auto-enthusiasts” from the actual people your want to target. Neustar AdAdvisor Audiences collects and combines thousands of online and offline consumer attributes via a direct delivery network. This network yields over 80 million linked and interconnected data elements that are verified daily to bring the most accurate and rich data for digital targeting. AdAdvisor Profiles Real people do much more than just surf the web. AdAdvisor Audiences provides you with a number of profiles based on specific audience categories, propensities, values, or behaviors. Here is a sample of the audience profiles you can find in AdAdvisor: apparel, auto, business audiences, computers & electronics, demographics, dining, education, financial, grovery, consumer packaged goods, home & leisure, lifestyles, media, mobile, shopping, and travel."

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What does this company do?

Analytics Provider
Provider of platform technology enabling data aggregation, analysis and report creation to assess marketing effectiveness and/or business performance.

Business Intelligence
Provider or platform offering multi-sourced data analysis for operational/investment growth.

What data does this company collect?

Data Collected
Anonymous: Ad Views, Analytics, Browser Information, Cookie Data , Date/Time, Demographic Data, Hardware/Software Type, Interaction Data , Page Views

Pseudonymous: IP Address, Location Based Data, Clickstream Data, Device ID

PII: Name , Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Login, EU- IP Address, EU- Unique Device ID

*Data is collected on behalf of, and owned by, client.

Data Sharing
Data is shared with 3rd parties (specifics undisclosed).

Data Retention

Data Use
Ad Targeting, Analytics/Measurement, Content Customization, Optimization

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We believe this company facilitates or engages in 3rd party interest-based targeting.

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