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Owned By: sovrn (formerly Lijit Networks)

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"We spend a great deal of our lives online. Whether it's for information, commerce, or entertainment, each of us have come to depend on what we discover, consume and share online. Publishers-those who create and curate content-are the cornerstones of what we all cherish about the internet. Yet these publishers practice their craft largely alone-without reference points or deep understandings about how they compare. sovrn shows publishers how their site is viewed and valued by advertisers. We offer insights and tools they need and deserve to understand their readers and to create content that works. this work is our mission. It's the reason we exist: to foster an ecosystem where these independent and influential publishers can thrive."

Industry affiliations

What does this company do?

Ad Network
Seller of aggregated publisher ad inventory from many websites. Many ad networks use proprietary technology and partner with data aggregators to target ads.

Provider of advertising services to wireless devices (phones, tablets, etc.), typically through mobile web browsers or mobile applications.

Web site operator that sells and displays ads.

Supply Side Platform
Technology provider that helps publishers sell ad space through multiple networks and/or exchanges and optimize ad revenue.

What data does this company collect?

Data Collected
Anonymous: Browser Information, Cookie Data , Date/Time, Demographic Data, Hardware/Software Type, Page Views

Pseudonymous: IP Address

PII: Name , Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Login

Data Sharing
Anonymous data is shared with 3rd parties.

Data Retention

Data Use
Ad Targeting, Analytics/Measurement, Optimization

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