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"ValueAd first opened its doors in December of 1996 on the time honored principle of the Customer Comes First. With great initial success, ValueAd has grown to become a respected Online Media Delivery Technology and Advertising firm, highly dedicated in providing world-class, custom solutions at the best possible price.

With expert consultants and technical specialists in beautiful San Diego CA, ValueAd is a multi-faceted company comprised of several discrete but integrated operating divisions.

Our foundation was built upon our core ad server technology AdXpress, which has grown to deliver a meaningful return on investment. High Return and Low Risk Investment - our ROI model to all clients. Currently we offer our latest release version of 2.0 AdXpress, which has proven to be an outstanding and high demand product.

Valued is managed by a group of specialists that have an enviable track record of success providing high-quality expertise to all of our client's needs. Whichever operating division you will do business with, what you will find in common is our passion for becoming your trusted technology advisor and for delivering the finest possible service to you regardless of your size, budget or specific needs.

How do we accomplish this? By consulting with you to identify how the intelligent application of media technology can help you establish, build or sustain a competitive edge. By keeping abreast of the rapidly evolving technology trends and developments that may impact you or your organization. And most importantly, by staying squarely focused on our founding principle of the Customer Comes First! This is a simple formula that has served our client's well since 1996."

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What does this company do?

Ad Network
Seller of aggregated publisher ad inventory from many websites. Many ad networks use proprietary technology and partner with data aggregators to target ads.

Ad Server
Technology that delivers advertisements to websites and monitors progress and performance of ad campaigns.

What data does this company collect?

Data Collected
Anonymous: Ad Views, Browser Information, Cookie Data , Date/Time, Demographic Data, Internet Service Provider, Page Views

Pseudonymous: IP Address

PII: PII Collected via 3rd Parties, Login, EU- IP Address

Data Sharing
Aggregate data is shared with 3rd parties., PII data is shared with 3rd parties.

Data Retention

Data Use
Ad Serving, Ad Targeting, Content Customization, Optimization

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