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"Increase User Engagement By creating multiple points of engagement, designed to make visitor want to engage, Vuukle solves one of the major issues of today's websites. Increase Traffic By generating a better internal linking structure and related posts customized to each visitor, Vuukle helps increase your website rankings in search engines and internal referral traffic Increase Website Revenue More user engagement and more traffic generates more money, but Vuukle helps you even further. By monetizing your comments section we help increase your website CPM."

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Website Optimization
Service or platform providing solutions toward SEO/SEM or website performance, including B2B personalization and search platforms.

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Data Collected
Pseudonymous: Location Based Data

PII: Name , Email Address, Login, Personally Identifiable Information (details undisclosed)


Data Sharing
Anonymous data is shared with 3rd parties., Data is shared with 3rd parties (specifics undisclosed).

Data Retention

Data Use
Analytics/Measurement, Content Customization, Optimization

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