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Information Our Partners Collect

A new California law grants its residents the right to tell us not to “sell” their personal information. The only “sales” (as defined by California law) we make are to share our customer information with our advertising partners who collect certain online information and share that information with third parties to provide more relevant ads to you on our sites, apps, and on other sites that you visit. If you would like to opt out of the “sale” of your information, please use the slide bars below to tailor your settings or select ‘All Off’ for a full opt-out of the selected category. An “opt-out” cookie will then be stored in your web browser for this device indicating that you do not want to receive targeted advertisements. If you delete cookies generally or use a different device, you will need to opt out again. To learn more about our privacy practices in California, please review our CCPA Privacy Statement.

Companies storing or accessing information via this site include:
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