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Addrelevance increases CTR and Conversion Rates by 50%, on Display Ads, Branded Content, Campaigns (email, subscriptions, etc.). The Addrelevance solution is powered by AI, to predict the buying profile of websites' visitors and understand what makes them click. It enables media publishers and brands to serve the most relevant or pertinentcontent version, leading to significantly increased performance. The solution is simple and fast to test and implement. Addrelevance is supported by Microsoft and the imec.istart accelerator.

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What does this company do?

Business Intelligence
Provider or platform offering multi-sourced data analysis for operational/investment growth.

Creative/Ad Format Technology
Provider of technology or services that enable advertisers to create specialized advertising messages that typically offer increased features and interactivity.

Marketing Solutions
Provider of a suite of solutions concerning marketing integration and targeted campaign analytics or discrete methods to segment and expand consumer bases.

What data does this company collect?

Data Collected
Anonymous: Cookie Data , Demographic Data, Internet Service Provider, Interaction Data

Pseudonymous: IP Address, Search History

PII: Name , Address, Phone Number, Email Address

Data Sharing

Data Retention
As long as necessary to fulfill a business need or as required by law.

Data Use
Ad Targeting, Content Customization

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