Why am I seeing this ad?

AbbVie values your privacy. You may be provided with online advertisements on third-party Web sites that are tailored to you, for example, on the basis of information that is provided by you but that does not identify you (nonidentifying information),or of your Web browsing activity, purchases, or interests.

How do I opt-out?

When an AbbVie online behavioral advertisement is delivered to you, you will see an “Ad Choices” icon. By utilizing this opt-out tool you will understand what information is being collected. You may still see advertisements (not interest based) online, including advertisements from AbbVie that are based on other information. Below you will find a list of online advertising companies that are collecting information about your browsing activity on our site. You may click on the links below to find more information about these companies and to opt-out of their use of your information to target ads.

Your privacy is important to us

For more information on our data policies please visit our privacy policy.

Companies storing or accessing information via this site include:
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